B&A: Maria & IWG’s Triple Threat

Before and After photos of Maria, a diabetic who lost weight and was able to get off her medications by taking It Works! Global's Triple ThreatMeet Maria.

Maria was a diabetic on insulin.

The left photo is Maria in October 2014, before she started the It Works! Global’s “Triple Threat” of Ultimate Thermofit, Greens, and Advanced Formula Fat Fighter.  The right photo is Maria in February 2015.  In those three months, the ThermoFit, Greens, and Fat Fighter  “Triple Threat” helped her lose weight, and detoxify and alkalize her body.

Thanks to It Works! products, Maria is healthier and her doctors have taken her off of all medications.


Results vary and there is no guarantee that everyone suffering with diabetes will be able to come off of their medications by getting on It Works! “Triple Threat”.

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