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  • 3 Tips to Get You Moving Through Chronic Pain

    Down Dog

    But I moved yesterday.  I did.  I went to the store and walked around and it was tiring.  <<< Do you say that in your head?  I remember a time when I couldn’t move hardly at all.  My hips had given out almost and were uneven, and my shoulders were so tight it hurt to sleep on one side.  I was miserable and in PAIN every single day and night.  If this sounds like you, then listen to me for just a minute.  I am NOT a doctor, but I am a wellness coach who has been through 17 years of invisible diseases and has tried nearly everything to ease pain from autoimmune (Hashimotos) and fibromyalgia.

    The chronic pain and stiffness you feel with age or fibromyalgia does not get better with less movement.  No.  It feels like that because it hurts to breathe sometimes.  It hurts to even think about someone touching you, and I really get that.  But please make time for movement and you will gradually, grudgingly, see that I am not going to lead you in the wrong direction.

    3 Tips to Get You Moving Through Chronic Pain

    1. Walk your way healthy!  Oxygen is needed in your muscles to help them remain healthy as well as proper nutrition.  If you are doing one, but not the other, make sure you fuel up after a good walk or even Profit_Vanilla_125wbefore your walk. The movement helps rebuild stamina, boosts energy, and reduces stiffness and pain that otherwise would just be there.  You are pain sitting…so try something new to see what happens.  Research has shown that low-impact aerobics is most effective for improving the symptoms we face daily with FMS.  Make sure you start out with a small goal of maybe just 10 minutes a day to build up your strength.  Extra hint:  I personally use this protein powder (pictured right).  The reason why is because I get paid to order what I need…as a customer you get perks points that can be used on future orders for free items.  Also, this is the only powder that I have found that is readily available, has Maca powder which has healing superfood benefits, and promotes healthy digestion with seven different soluble and insoluble fibers.

    2. Chair, restorative or gentle YOGA!  Everyone knew this was coming.  In my 4 Weeks to Wellness Course, I created a new optional week just in case you wanted to start out slowly with chair yoga.  I was talking to my 83 year old neighbor last night who also has fibromyalgia, and just hurts like I do in the cold, she told me her doctor gave her the okay to have private lessons with me and she was super excited.  If you can’t make it into a studio, consider adding my online program with workbooks on ways to improve your health at home at your pace!  The weeks are chunked into 1 task a day.  That’s it!!  I know what it feels like to start something new.  Back to yoga…modify moves to reduce stress. If a particular position hurts, you can tweak it to still get the benefits with less pain, and I know this because I couldn’t do downward facing dog to start off with.  You can do dolphin down dog, which is forearms, or use a block under both hands.  I highly suggest always having at least 2 blocks near you for your practice and maybe even a bolster (basically a soft pillow). Do not worry about extending your knees fully if you are at the beginning of a pose.  It’s being there that matters.  Also, if you have sore knees, use a gardening pad under them or double up your mat where you rest your knees.  You really can do anything you want tomodify!!

    3. Relief_125wEveryday tasks can help you add movement. I built my plan around adding more movement into my day by doing things i had actually stopped doing.  I had almost given up going to the store because of how exhausted it made me feel.  Likewise, i had stopped mopping, dusting, and cleaning up around the house if it involved bending over.  But if you plan your day with 6 things you need to get done that day and work slowly and methodically to get through them, just cross off the things you get to, and then add whatever you didn’t do to the top of your list tomorrow.  You really can make it through chronic pain if you just keep trying, and don’t be afraid to say to yourself that you’ve done the best you could and you need a break.  Have a cup of tea, use your heating pads, and take your Relief if it gets to be too much for the day.  The word “relief” is also linked to a product that helped me out tremendously.


  • PS: Greens…probiotic, detoxifying alkalizer


    In this Product Spotlight of the Greens and Greens on the Go, I’ll cover the official It Works! product description, as well as my personal experience with the product.

    Before we get to the official description, I’ll mention that the formulation of Greens on the Go is the same as that of the Greens. One serving of the Greens is simply prepackaged onto little portable sleeves to make it easy to take them with you…to work, to restaurants, on trips, etc. So, when I refer to the the formulation and benefits of the Greens, it also applies to Greens on the Go.

    The official It Works! description

    • Detoxify, energize, and promote pH balance* within the body
    • Acidity-fighting magnesium and potassium blend
    • Cutting-edge probiotic** support for digestive health
    • 38 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods
    • 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in every serving
    • Free radical-fighting antioxidants***
    So what does that mean and does it work? Well we’ll leave the does it work for testimonials, some personal ones below, and some others on this site as we get them.  As far as what it does, well, in a nutshell, it’s a great product for overall health. Our bodies function better and fight off disease and infection better when they aren’t acidic, which is where the pH-balancing comes in. The antioxidants in the 8+ servings of 38 herbs, fruits, and vegetables aid in making us healthy.

    Personal Experience with Greens

    The following is based on my family’s use of the Greens. It is not the official word from It Works!. It is just my opinion and observation of results that we have experienced.
    My older daughter has mild to moderate seasonal allergies. She has been taking OTC allergy meds for a number of years from spring through fall. Of course, those meds don’t completely eliminate the sniffling, sneezing, and watery, red eyes, but when she is also taking the Greens daily, these symptoms are lessened to nearly gone.
    My wife used to get ill multiple times a year, mostly colds. Since she’s been taking the greens almost daily, she hasn’t been ill…in over a year. Any time she feels like something is trying to get her, she takes an extra dose and by the next day, she’s fine. She also gets the energy boost that the official description mentions.
    Our younger daughter also takes the Greens at the onset of a cold (which isn’t as infrequent as we’d like, but she is in middle school) and is usually able to shake it overnight.
    How do we use the Greens?  I occasionally dump a scoop or so into a meal I’m cooking for that boost of “green stuff” that most of us don’t get enough of daily. We make Greens smoothies. I mix the Greens with ProFit (another It Works! product) for a tasty post-workout drink.  We all also frequently mix a scoop or two into our water bottles that we take along when exercising…it provides a little flavor and helps with fighting the free radicals released during oxidation associated with exercise.

    Best Used Daily

    Boiled down, this is really 38 herbs, fruits, and vegetables turned into powder so it can be easily mixed into liquids and it’s one product we always have on hand and use pretty much daily because who really gets their daily recommended dosage of vitamins and minerals by eating actual fruits and veggies?
    pH-balance in the body plays a role in reducing the instance and seriousness of illness.
    probiotics** help food move through your gut by balancing the amounts of good and bad bacteria which has numerous benefits for gastrointestinal health among other things.
    antioxidants*** help prevent cell damage and destruction that occurs when oxidation in cells produces free radicals.