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  • 5 Reasons to Cleanse Your Body

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    5 Reasons to Cleanse Your Body

    What is the ultimate secret to health? It is keeping the INSIDE of your body clean. I have counseled many people over the years and they are just stuck at a weight loss plateau. They have tried every diet out there, except the one where they actually start from the ground up. What am I talking about? I am talking about eliminating things first, then only adding in what you need for your body!!
    If you suffer from autoimmune diseases like I do, you know this is necessary to start over. Once we have removed the bad we can begin to replace with the good.

    We are exposed to toxins every single day. The food that we eat, the beverages we drink, the old fillings in our mouth, the electromagnetic radiation around us, you name it, we are near it. Don’t forget the black mold around you as well, but the list really goes on and on. I honestly could go on and on as this has been the better part of my research for the last 5 years.

    So what does this mean for us? Our liver works overtime trying to keep up with our body by detoxifying and cleaning what we put in. I can’t stress enough to my clients how important it is to really think about your internal health…because guess what? Your doctor probably isn’t going to say anything to you. I know that in all my years, even checking my liver enzymes due to my hereditary hemochromatosis, which is iron overload disease, no one in 18 years has ever asked me what I am putting into my body. Period. I started thinking that was very strange.

    Top 5 Reasons to Use My System:

    1. Weight Loss. Yes, this is the one everyone notices immediately. What is going on in my body? WOW!! Did I really just lose that much after 2 days of a cleanse? How? The liver produces bile which is used by the digestive system in the breakdown of fat. Some of my clients are reporting anywhere from 5-9 pounds within the first week. This is not why I am telling you to do this though, but yes!! You literally have that much gunk built up that you are not processing things.
    2. Did you know that you can eliminate liver stones? These stone don’t need to be there. They develop from a build-up of excess cholesterol. They impair the liver’s ability to deliver nutrients back into the body. What if you already aren’t processing things correctly like me? I am going to be holding onto more salt and water than is necessary. Yup. Time to clean them out!
    3. Phase1 and phase 2 detoxification can begin. The liver will then be able to function better changing these toxins into harmless agents. They will then be able to be eliminated properly.
    4. Increase your energy!! Normal liver function had been impeded by the build-up of toxins so naturally removing them can help your energy level by as much as 25-50%. We need to get to the root cause as I always tell my clients. Now that the nutrients are being released back into your bloodstream, you will feel much better.
    5. Restore your health back to feeling 5 years younger. If your skin feels lack luster, think about what’s going on inside you? Take your before photo. Take your after 2 days later, then 5 days later. I bet you will really notice a difference in the way your body and skin feels. Your clothes will probably fit better!
    So what can I do now that I know all this?

    We have developed a system specifically to start you back at “reset”. We called it the Wrap, Remove, Reboot and the results have been astonishing!!

    Step 1. Wrap. You use our ultimate body applicator. The powerful, botanically based cream formula of the Ultimate Body Applicator™ gives you tightening, toning, and firming results that last! This has been my secret to unclogging my lymphatic system and making me feel better through my illnesses. When I found out about the power of the “wrap”, I started telling everyone how much better I felt.




    Step 2. Remove. Not only do you use the cleanse, but you remove any processed food as well. It will help you feel so much better in the long run!!


    Step 3. Reboot. This step is important because you have just reset your body!! Reboot your metabolism every day for increased calorie burn and more energy! Greens™ Berry and Ultimate ThermoFit™ work together to fuel your body with the nutrition it needs to REBOOT and fire up your metabolism.

    So I did include the links in the post to buy them separately, but why waste time doing that. The entire system is available to you and you get everything you need to reset your body for optimum health. If you choose to buy it separately, check out the links above.

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    Lastly, you get my private support group to help you along the way where we give each other tips and help each other on our journey to health. If you have ordered through my website, find me at Vitalize You Wellness on FB and PM me to get into the support group!

    P.S.S.  If you are a 4 Weeks to Wellness user, this system also compliments what you are doing and you can request access to the group as well!!  The products ARE Global!  You just have to see what is available in your country by using the drop down list on my shop and picking your country.

  • PS: Greens…probiotic, detoxifying alkalizer


    In this Product Spotlight of the Greens and Greens on the Go, I’ll cover the official It Works! product description, as well as my personal experience with the product.

    Before we get to the official description, I’ll mention that the formulation of Greens on the Go is the same as that of the Greens. One serving of the Greens is simply prepackaged onto little portable sleeves to make it easy to take them with you…to work, to restaurants, on trips, etc. So, when I refer to the the formulation and benefits of the Greens, it also applies to Greens on the Go.

    The official It Works! description

    • Detoxify, energize, and promote pH balance* within the body
    • Acidity-fighting magnesium and potassium blend
    • Cutting-edge probiotic** support for digestive health
    • 38 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods
    • 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in every serving
    • Free radical-fighting antioxidants***
    So what does that mean and does it work? Well we’ll leave the does it work for testimonials, some personal ones below, and some others on this site as we get them.  As far as what it does, well, in a nutshell, it’s a great product for overall health. Our bodies function better and fight off disease and infection better when they aren’t acidic, which is where the pH-balancing comes in. The antioxidants in the 8+ servings of 38 herbs, fruits, and vegetables aid in making us healthy.

    Personal Experience with Greens

    The following is based on my family’s use of the Greens. It is not the official word from It Works!. It is just my opinion and observation of results that we have experienced.
    My older daughter has mild to moderate seasonal allergies. She has been taking OTC allergy meds for a number of years from spring through fall. Of course, those meds don’t completely eliminate the sniffling, sneezing, and watery, red eyes, but when she is also taking the Greens daily, these symptoms are lessened to nearly gone.
    My wife used to get ill multiple times a year, mostly colds. Since she’s been taking the greens almost daily, she hasn’t been ill…in over a year. Any time she feels like something is trying to get her, she takes an extra dose and by the next day, she’s fine. She also gets the energy boost that the official description mentions.
    Our younger daughter also takes the Greens at the onset of a cold (which isn’t as infrequent as we’d like, but she is in middle school) and is usually able to shake it overnight.
    How do we use the Greens?  I occasionally dump a scoop or so into a meal I’m cooking for that boost of “green stuff” that most of us don’t get enough of daily. We make Greens smoothies. I mix the Greens with ProFit (another It Works! product) for a tasty post-workout drink.  We all also frequently mix a scoop or two into our water bottles that we take along when exercising…it provides a little flavor and helps with fighting the free radicals released during oxidation associated with exercise.

    Best Used Daily

    Boiled down, this is really 38 herbs, fruits, and vegetables turned into powder so it can be easily mixed into liquids and it’s one product we always have on hand and use pretty much daily because who really gets their daily recommended dosage of vitamins and minerals by eating actual fruits and veggies?
    pH-balance in the body plays a role in reducing the instance and seriousness of illness.
    probiotics** help food move through your gut by balancing the amounts of good and bad bacteria which has numerous benefits for gastrointestinal health among other things.
    antioxidants*** help prevent cell damage and destruction that occurs when oxidation in cells produces free radicals.